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Firm Foundation

I recently reconnected with a high school friend of mine, after 20 years of being apart. Catching up has really been a very enjoyable experience and reminiscing about our high school days has been so eye opening. What has also been even more humbling is to see where God has taken both of us in our respective lives. We never thought even for a second that 20 years later we would be in the USA at the same time and in neighboring states..... and still loving and worshiping our God!

Today my friend reminded me that in High School back in Zimbabwe, a small group of us would meet every morning before classes and later at lunch to PRAY. We did this without fail pretty much throughout our two years of 'A Level'. I can not say I have kept up the tradition as I have grown older and become 'busier' (ouch!!). But one thing I know is that those days of worship and prayer in obscurity laid the foundation of what God has done publicly (and privately) in my life in my adult life. I can not say I remember everything we prayed for during those worship times, but I know He has been faithful!

My encouragement to you today is that every second we spend in worship of our God, is an eternal investment. It lays the firm foundation of what God will do in our lives. We may not see the results or the fruit immediately but a seed has been planted (not 'burried' or lost or forsaken) and in due time, it will germinate, take root, and bear fruit. Hang in there, PRAY....

Stand firm

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