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Unfamiliar...... Ignore the urge

Another short post written in transit. It has been a while and I feel I need to share something with you that the Father shared with me this morning.

So I was driving from my hotel to Denver International Airport to catch my flight back to Texas from a business meeting. It occurred to me that this whole time I've been in Denver I haven't really listened to the car radio. And the reason being I was paying very close attention to my GPS.

You see, Denver is a foreign land to me. I don't know the roads, I don't know any of the places. To get from point A to point B, I had no choice but to put my total trust in the GPS. I had to turn everything off so I could hear the GPS. Even if I was itching to hear some music playing, I simply ignored the urge because hearing directions from the GPS was the most important thing at the moment and I was afraid of missing the directions. I know the cost of missing a flight or being lost.

You see, I dared never leave the hotel room and get into my car without knowing that I had the GPS fired up and ready to go. You see I never risked taking the chance of ignoring the GPS.

Some of you are familiar with the 'annoying' rerouting prompt whenever you miss your turn.

I was simply in an unfamiliar land. I needed guidance. I know some of you already know where I am going with this.

Imagine if our worship was such that we would not dare take a step without hearing the voice of the Spirit saying 'This is the way walk in it'. Imagine if our worship experience was never to be treated as 'familiar territory' and each time required a genuine desperation for direction from the Holy Spirit.

The father said to me this morning 'never be familiar with the spiritual experience of worship..... for then it ceases to be spiritual...... once you think you have 'figured it out..... you totally miss the fresh thing I'm wanting to do'. It ceases to be prophetic and it becomes a routine you've mastered.

Wow. This totally blew my mind. Each time we enter into the secret place, may our experience be new and totally dependent on the leading of the spiritual GPS, the Holy Spirit. Remember Jesus says, the Father is Spirit and they that worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. Ignore the urge to be 'familiar' with the spiritual experience of worship. Totally depend on Him..... And may each encounter be as new and fresh as it can get. No presumptions just a hunger and a thirst for GOD!

Selah....... be encouraged!

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