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Bend, don't break!

This is my first post of this new year 2015, hence it is more special, and I will keep it short...

Like most of you, I have read, quoted, and heard Psalm 37:4 several times... "Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart...."

In as much as the word 'delight' also means to be happy, I found the Strong's Dictionary Definition to be very enlightening. It changed my perspective. According to the Strong's dictionary, Delight ~ the primitive root means to be 'soft' or PLIABLE. To be pliable means to 'be easily bent; flexible; supple; adjusting readily to change; adaptable.....'

It shakes things a little bit, right? I am not talking about compromise, I am talking about letting God do what he wants with you, like the potter does to the clay, as he moulds, forms, and creates in you what He has purposed.

That's when our God gives us the desires of our heart, when we let Him have total control and we bend according to his will. Ignore the urge to be stuck in tradition and past experience, ignore the urge to be rigid. 2015 will definitely present its own challenges, be willing to 'delight' yourself in the Lord. Be ready to adapt but stay grounded in HIM.

Where His will takes you in 2015, be confident that He has already made a way and provided the grace for the race. Don't fight him, once again, ignore the urge to be rigid, surrender to his will.

In the midst of the good, the bad, and the ugly.... bend don't break. In his able hands, you have everything you have need of!

As you face 2015 head on, storms will surely come, we will go through some raging fires, but we know we are in his able hands and we will bend but not break. We will delight ourselves in HIM and He will give us the desires of our heart.

Bend.... don't break ~ Be encouraged!

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