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Of Dragonflies, and waiting

One of my favorite things to do is photography, and most recently, macro or close-up photography. I spent the last few months hoping to take a spectacular dragonfly shot, and finally a couple of weeks ago, voila, it happened! After months of waiting and waiting and preparation, reading photography magazines and looking at some of the great insect photos online, I finally got what I was hoping for. I have also included in this post, a gallery of some of my favorite macro photos, pictures I have taken over the past few months, to share my passion with you....

As I WAITED for the shots to come alive, here's a short list of what I found crucial (I think this applies beyond just photography... hint hint hint):

  1. Anticipation - This is what will cause you to want to keep waiting even if nothing seems to be coming your way or happening in your favor. For the hope set before you, you can endure the waiting, the delay, the frustration, because you except something good (that magical shot) to happen. If you do not expect anything, then anything (including nothing) goes. For one who has expectancy, they will not exit the race until they find what they are expecting.

  2. Pay attention - To get the details (of anything, really), you have to pay close attention. In photography, without any effort, you can capture the bigger objects that are stationary but my experience has been that the smaller objects are usually driven off by the slightest movement and noise, and hence require you to be well prepared and disciplined.

  3. Be consistent - You have to be consistent in your pursuit. For the past few months now I have gone to this one spot hoping to capture a photo of a dragonfly. I travel with my camera all the time because I'm anticipating that great shot. Until I get that shot I consider spectacular, my camera stays with me.

  4. Stay Focused - If a cute mosquito shows up whilst you are waiting for a dragonfly, and poses for what's supposed to be a dragonfly shot, IGNORE, do not waste your time, do not be distracted, keep waiting for your dragonfly, just in case the dragonfly will show up when you are already being entertained by the cute mosquito and all the preparation and hard work goes to waste. Do not settle for an Ishmael when you are destined for an Isaac!

Waiting does not imply inactivity. Waiting implies pursuit. As long as you have not yet laid hold of what you are hoping for, believe it or not, you're in a state of waiting. Anticipation is key. Just like a hunter in ambush. He waits, spear in hand, or gun ready. This no longer is the time for him to be sharpening his spear or looking for a spear, he awaits the opportunity.

The thing about any kind of effective waiting is that one needs to have already taken care of the preparation before positioning themselves for the opportunity. How tragic it is to have an opportunity present itself and you are not ready for it. In the case of the dragonfly shot, I was not going to wait for the dragonfly to show up before learning macro photography, or better still, before investing in the camera and necessary lenses for close-up photography. I got that covered when the dragonfly was still just an idea in my mind, way before it physically showed up. The moment the dragonfly arrived, it found me already there, WAITING!

Now let's take this deeper....

But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint - Isaiah 40:31

The last time I checked, RUNNING and WALKING were characteristics of an object in motion ... Be encouraged... Wait!

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